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ARTelier is also conferences!

At the workshop ...
Or at home...
Complete your drawing, painting and modeling lessons by learning about the history of art.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to organize conferences.
You choose from existing conferences or we define the theme together and I prepare a 3-hour conference for you.
2 formulas are available:
    * i.e. 2 hours are devoted to the presentation and 1 hour is reserved for questions / debate.
    * either the questions/answers are made during the time of the conference (3h)
By relying on paintings, I tell you the story and the little story, I give you the keys necessary for understanding the great movements and artistic techniques.
At the end of the conferences, it is possible to organize a discovery visit to a museum related to the historical period covered.
Enter history!



Realism and Salon des refused, towards modernity XIX - XX th


- Realism

- Macchiaioli

- Manet and the Salon of the Rejected

- Impressionism

-Japonism, Pointillism, Naive


-School of Pont Aven, Nabis

- Art Nouveau


The woman and the ART

Representation of women and their role in Art; From prehistory to the present

Renaissance and pre-Renaissance
- Roman art
- Gothic Art
- Sienese and Florentine School
- Quattrocento
- Rebirth
- Mannerism
From Classicism to Pre-Raphaelism
- Classicism / Caravaggism
- Baroque / Rococo
- Neo Classicism / Romanticism
-Troubadour/ Nazarenes / School of Barbizon and Lyon
- Academicism
- Pre Raphaelism
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