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The general conditions of sale apply to all training offers offered by

the ARTelier Christelle Larson namely, weekly classes, internships, private lessons, conferences. 

• The order is firm and definitive when the course is validated by ARTelier Christelle Larson. In the event of an order placed by an organization, the order is firm when the said organization, legal person or natural person accepts the quote and returns the signed agreement by email or by post. 
• The fact of reserving a weekly or private lesson, a course or a conference implies full and unreserved acceptance by the client of these GCS. 
• The customer and/or student acknowledges for this purpose that, prior to signing the order form (for a company) or registering for a course for individuals, he has received sufficient information and advice from ARTelier. Christelle Larson, allowing him to ensure the adequacy of the service offer to his needs (sending by email of the general conditions of sale).

Course days and location

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson's group lessons last a minimum of 2 hours and take place at the workshop: 21 rue Pierre Brossolette,   for the freedom formulas. Between 1h and 2h depending on the subscription chosen for the serenity formula. Private lessons are a minimum of 2 hours.

  • Classes are given according to the schedule posted online by ARTelier Christelle Larson on the 15th of each month for the following month for the freedom formula and according to the pre-established calendar for the serenity formula (no postponement is possible).

  • The days and times are to be defined from the 2nd half of the month preceding the effective month of the course in agreement between the ARTelier Christelle Larson and the client.

  • The courses take place all year round for the freedom formula and over a period of 33 weeks (school calendar) outside the holiday period for the serenity formulas.

  • Thematic courses and conferences are organized by ARTelier Christelle Larson. Their price is not included in the course package.

  • Private lessons and conferences take place after agreement between the two parties on the date, place and time.


  • All prices are indicated in euros, all taxes included.

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson is an establishment not subject to VAT according to code 293B of the General Tax Code.

  • The price per participant is indicated on each quote   signed by the individual or the company. The rates can also be viewed on the ARTelier Christelle Larson website.

  • Registration for workshop courses is made in the name of the participating natural person.

  • Any registration for a training or conference is firm and final, it commits the customer until the end of the latter. Apart from special cases (see cancellation clause) they are not refundable.

  • Our rates are flat rate. They include the coffee break and the educational documents given during the training. Lunches are not included in the training. 

  • The rate of late payment penalties is 15% on the entire invoice, unless otherwise provided for individuals and professionals. It is applicable after a delay of 15 full days from the performance of the service provided, unless otherwise provided. Late payment penalties are payable without a reminder being necessary.

  • Equipment not provided except as part of the new technique discovery option or the serenity subscription for groups 1 and 2.

  • Registrations are made throughout the year for the freedom formulas and at the beginning of the year for the serenity formulas (nb from November the amount of the registration fees is decreasing according to the date of membership).

  • Ease of payment  

  •   freedom formula:Possibility to pay monthly. In this case, the 2 checks will be given at the beginning of the term and cashed as follows: 1st  chèque the month of registration, 2nd check on the 5th of the following month.

  • serenity formula: possible payment in 3x. The 3 checks must be submitted when taking out the subscription. The 1st check is cashed the month of subscription then checks 2 and 3 at the beginning of each month following registration.

  • The registration is validated after the payment of the freedom formula and can only be taken into account on the condition that the registration file is complete during the 1st lesson for the serenity formulas.



  • ARTelier Christelle Larson reserves the right:
    - to exclude from any training, at any time, any participant whose behavior interferes with the smooth running of the training and/or seriously violates these general conditions of sale.

  • Any dismissal is final. In case of dismissal, no refund will be granted to the student.

  • In a non-exhaustive way, are constitutive of faults being able to involve the implementation of an exclusion of a pupil of ARTelier Christelle Larson, whatever the category to which it belongs, the following facts:-when the pupil has breached the rules of ethics relating to the practice of one of the workshops taught.-When the student has behaved, behaved or made inappropriate remarks, which could harm either the image or the reputation of ARTelier Christelle Larson or anyone involved in the workshop, either to the good atmosphere and the serene and peaceful character of ARTelier Christelle Larson. others. A dangerous attitude is defined as one that could cause voluntary or involuntary injury due to inappropriate behavior: violence, nervousness, inability to control oneself, adverse effects due to taking alcohol or drugs, non- respect the instructions and say actions of ARTelier Christelle Larson and any representative, asserted questioning of the authority of ARTelier Christelle Larson or any stakeholder.-When the member has significantly breached the rules defined in the statutes, internal regulations or the ARTelier Christelle Larson charter. This is particularly the case when the student has deliberately breached the essential operating rules of ARTelier Christelle Larson, or when he has repeated his breach despite the notification and reminder that would have been done to him

  • to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.

  • This is not a free associative workshop with optional student participation, but a directed course requiring work and discipline.

  • The student (or his tutor) undertakes to respect the place of training and to compensate ARTelier Christelle Larson for any deterioration caused by him.

  • For minors, the presence of a parent, or a legal guardian, validating this membership is mandatory on the day of registration.

  • The registration file is to be compiled each year by all students. It is absolutely necessary:

  • - complete the registration form;

  • - pay their dues;
  • -provide a school insurance certificate for minors (failing presentation of the school insurance certificate required for the practice of a workshop, access to the course will be prohibited.)

  • The membership of a "student" or a "trainee student" is deemed acquired unless expressly refused notified, within three months of registration, by a representative of ARTelier Christelle Larson, to the candidate by simple letter or by e-mail. The membership fee will then be refunded if it has already been paid and cashed in proportion to the number of weeks open to lessons... Exclusion is final. Membership is valid for a maximum of one year and ends at the last scheduled lesson on the calendar which was given to the registration. The latter must be renewed each year, according to the aforementioned procedure. Membership is valid as soon as it is complete (contribution payment, signature and registration forms, documents requested, etc.).

  • No membership is extended by tacit renewal.

  • At the end of each course year, if a member wishes to renew his membership, he must imperatively provide, as every season, a complete file.

  • In the absence of a complete membership, or while waiting for the elements necessary to establish a complete file, the former student will not be considered as a member of ARTelier Christelle Larson.

  • Some materials can be allergenic. Please advise of any known allergies or reactions to any product. Please also let us know in case of food allergies or health problems requiring specific treatment.

  • Certain chemical products used exceptionally in the workshop can present a danger (contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes, inhalation, ingestion, etc.) When these products are used, all the recommendations for use and precautions for use are explained and applied. It is up to everyone to follow them to avoid accidents. The same applies to the use of workshop tools. Check that your insurance policy includes a “risks of life” guarantee. The teacher and the premises are insured.

  • Absolute prohibition of smoking/consumption of alcohol or drugs in the workshop.


Cancellations / Replacements / Postponements

  • The person registered in the freedom formula may cancel all or part of the training in the event of illness requiring hospitalization, illness resulting in the impossibility of moving, death. A certificate will be required.

  • Any cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before the time of the lesson (individual or group).

  • Any serenity formula is due from the time the subscription is taken out.

  • Any officially registered member who withdraws during the year for reasons of personal convenience is required to pay full and immediate payment for his season. In principle, no membership fee can be refunded, even in part, 10 days after registration. Exceptions exist such as that of an administrative error, the cessation of one of the activities of ARTelier Christelle Larson except in cases of force majeure as defined by articles 1217 and 1218 of the CC and its jurisprudence. If this period is not exceeded, the registration may be refunded, after deduction of any membership fees that may have been incurred. The contribution will remain due to ARTelier Christelle Larson. However, in a reported case of force majeure and upon presentation of proof, a credit note will be issued in proportion to the remaining months, after subtracting the administrative costs which amount to 30 euros. In the event of exclusion, the reimbursement of the subscription and the administration fees which amount to 30 euros cannot be made. The contribution will remain due to ARTelier Christelle Larson.

  • The student has a period of 7 days from the date of registration to cancel his registration on simple request. After this period, registration will be validated and no refund can be granted, in order to ensure the sustainability and development of ARTelier Christelle Larson, its choices of investment in equipment and its orientations in external communication.

  • Failure to comply with the conditions set out above will result in the invoicing of the course. 

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson does not undertake in any way to ensure the replacement of missed lessons. This is a favor granted free of charge to students, on an exceptional basis, and in no case a measure favoring absenteeism.

  • If the number of participants in a training is deemed insufficient for educational reasons, L'ARTelier Christelle Larson reserves the right to cancel this training at the latest one week before the scheduled date. Registration fees previously paid will then be fully refunded.

  • As part of a course, an internship with a live model, for individuals, no refund will be possible.

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson reserves the right to postpone the training, to modify the place where it takes place, the content of its program or the facilitators, if circumstances beyond its control oblige it to do so.

Liability – indemnities

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson does not have an obligation of result but only an obligation of means.

  • The customer ensures that he does not present any symptoms in the respiratory tract and the skin or of allergy in the presence or use of turpentine and white spirit or other allergenic product used in the workshop.

  • The employer - or as the case may be, the participant - undertakes to take out, for the duration of the training, civil liability insurance covering bodily, material, immaterial, direct and indirect damage likely to be caused by his actions or those of its employees to the detriment of ARTelier Christelle Larson. He also undertakes to take out and maintain civil liability insurance also designating ARTelier Christelle Larson as insured for all acts prejudicial to third parties which may have been caused by the participant and containing a waiver of recourse clause so that ARTelier Christelle Larson cannot be searched or disturbed.

  • For all minors, obligation to provide a certificate of school insurance (atfailure to present the school insurance certificate required for the practice of a workshop, access to the course will be prohibited.)

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson disclaims all responsibility for minor students in the following 3 cases: - outside of class hours, - if the child does not show up for class, - in the event of a canceled class. Although very rare, a lesson can be canceled due to a last minute problem. This is why parents or legal guardians must ensure that ARTelier Christelle Larson is present at each lesson.

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson's liability to the customer is limited to compensation for direct damage proven by the customer and is in any event limited to the amount paid by the customer for the service provided.

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson's liability is excluded in the event of force majeure.

Confidentiality and intellectual property

  • The client/student cannot use ARTelier Christelle Larson's proposals, work, studies (including plastic creations) and concepts, methods and tools without mentioning "made in the workshop" or "ARTelier Christelle Larson method".

  • ARTelier Christelle Larson alone holds the intellectual rights relating to the training it provides, so that all educational materials, whatever their form (paper, digital, oral, etc.), used in the context of the order remain their property. exclusive.

  • The  physique client is prohibited from using, reproducing, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, adapting, modifying, translating, representing, marketing or distributing to third parties the course materials or other educational resources made available to them without the express written authorization of ARTelier Christelle Larson or its assignees.

     Ce paragraphe s'applique aussi aux organismes, personnes morales et personnes physiques   _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  concerning   the participant and members of his staff who are not participants in ARTelier Christelle Larson training.

  • The parties undertake to keep confidential the information and documents of an economic, technical or commercial nature concerning the other party, to which they may have access during the performance of the contract.


Computing and Freedom

  • In accordance with Article 6 of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, as amended by Law No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, ARTelier Christelle Larson constitutes a file concerning the coordinates of its customers. The information requested from you is necessary to process your registration.  ARTelier Christelle Larson does not transmit this file to partners or data organizations.
    You can access this information and request rectification from ARTelier Christelle Larson, via an online request ( or by mail to: ARTelier Christelle Larson, 21 rue Pierre Brossolette, 69210 l'Arbresle
    indicating your surname, first name and address.


Dispute and disputes

Any dispute that has not been settled amicably will be subject to French law and brought before the Commercial Court of Lyon.

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